About Us

UDICTI is a place where individuals with great ideas learn to stand on their own feet as entrepreneurs and turn their ideas into business ventures. UDICTI was established after seeing the great technical capability of many graduates from UDSM with ICT-related degrees who have technical solutions to problems in the market and wish to establish their own companies but end up being job seekers rather than job creators, partly due to a lack of entrepreneurship skills and business knowledge. With the large number of opportunities that the ICT sector can provide, UDICTI was thus born to offer an ideal environment for students to transform their ideas into viable business ventures.


UDICTI offers pre-incubation to primarily UDSM students with ICT related business ideas. UDICTI nurtures these students, providing them with the necessary support, coaching, mentoring and training as they become entrepreneurs. Graduates of UDICTI are ideal candidates for incubators who support startups and existing firms, nurturing them as they reach their innovative potential and sustain their businesses.


UDICTI is housed within CoICT at UDSM's Kijitonyama campus. Incubatees have access to this space which is equipped with computing facilities and standard office furniture. Being an entity of CoICT, utilities such as power, lighting, a stand-by generator and internet connectivity are readily available and incubatees may be provided with additional CoICT resources such as multimedia when required. Incubatees also have access to a number of people - dedicated coaches, mentors, trainers, and the like - as well as networks, at different stages of their program.